Proper Care for Your Piano in the Puget Sound area

At The Piano Shop we understand the importance of piano maintenance. A piano requires expert care to maintain optimum performance, and our piano technician can provide advice on how to best care for your fine instrument. We can explain which maintenance or repairs should have priority and we provide free estimates as well. Call (360) 918-8214 to experience excellent service today.

Tuning: How often should a piano be tuned?

Changes in temperature and humidity are the main reasons pianos go out of tune. The strings may stretch or contract which changes the sound of the instrument. It is usually recommended that you have your piano tuned at least twice a year or more often if it is in constant use.
If someone in your home is taking piano lessons it is especially important that your piano be well tuned so that the student learns how a piano should sound. The “touch” or how the keys respond when they are played is also very important as the student progresses.

Maintenance: What things besides tuning should be done to ensure optimum performance?

A good technician will make sure that hammers and hammer felts are in good shape as this affects the tone of the piano. Key depth affects how the action responds when keys are played and this can be adjusted if necessary. Pedals should be checked to make sure they are functioning properly. There are many other things the technician evaluates to ensure that the piano sounds and plays as well as possible.
You can rely on our expert piano technician to take care of all these things. (360) 918-8214 today to experience excellent service.