Learn More About Your Instrument in the Puget Sound area

The Piano Shop knows that understanding how a piano works is important to musicians. This is why we do our best to inform our customers about common piano terms. Please check out some of the definitions we have provided to learn more about your instrument. We hope that you find them useful and informative. For inquiries about our piano services, call (360) 918-8214 right away.


Adjusting the tension of the piano's strings to the correct pitch or frequency, so that all the strings vibrate in pleasing harmony with one another.


Adjusting the touch, or how the keys respond - how they feel when you play.


Adjusting the tone or quality of sound of the piano. A piano's tone may be bright or mellow and this can be changed to suit the preference of the pianist.


Includes key top repair or replacement, restringing, hammer and felt replacement as well as repair or replacement of other parts of the piano.